Valet parking extends your business to the curb.




Valet parking improves your customers' overall experience at your business.

The Luxury Valet

Veritas Parking is dedicated to providing a luxury valet parking experience. We provide luxury valet by maintaining the most professional valet staff possible. We treat all of our customers like royalty and provide them with the service they deserve.


Planning a special event?

Are you planning a special event? Veritas Parking specializes in provided a luxury valet experience for your distinguished guests. When you book your luxury event with Veritas you can expect an exceptional, hassle free experience. Learn More…

Why offer valet parking?

“Why should I provide valet parking to my customers?” The question above is a question that many restaurateurs, hotel and hospital managers might be asking themselves. I would challenge, why wouldn’t you?
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What do customers want?

What do customers look for in a valet company? Here are a few tips to enable you to provide the best valet service or to hire the best valet company – one that is committed to excellence.
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Give your customers the Veritas experience

Providing Valet Parking to your customers should be the easiest decision you ever make as a business owner (Ten reasons why you should). When you are ready to provide a luxury valet experience call Veritas Parking at 408-728-6022

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